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Each POINT OF FOCUS has a different story.

Ours is that of an Italian company who has become irreplacable in polymer filtration.

cribis 2018


Established in 1986 we design, manufacture and successfully sell screen changers, adapters, elbows, melt pipes and accessories for polymer extrusion lines.

In more than 25 years we have grown exponentially becoming the European leader in terms of produced units and international suppliers to leading manufacturers and distributors in Europe, Canada, United States and Asia.

We have always expressed a perfect mix between manufacturing tradition and computerization of processes by proposing proven quality and innovative machines.

We seek new solutions with enthusiasm and courage, open and curious in facing any challenge to respond to changes in our environment and the market.

We are a team of people, nearly 40, with different skills and aptitudes, that complement each other in an environment of constant collaboration.


A complete line of high quality and reliable screen changers, guaranteed by the internal master of the entire process, from the engineering of the machine to installation at the customer site.

Melt pipe groups, static filtration unit and accessories fit into any kind of system.

Flexible and customized filtration systems, taylor made on customer demands, in order to maximize the utility.

An evolving range of products, an ongoing research to develop innovative solutions, the continuous improvement of current ones.

Maintenance and after-sales service to always ensure maximum quality. Assistance at the height of the products marketed, never leaving the customer alone.


We use the most up to date information technologies and CAD-CAM engineering and production systems.

We have the experience and the approach of those who know their target. Growing a company that has built and established itself over the years through its uniqueness in the market.

We are "extrusion partners", able to look at the whole extrusion process, to understand problems and needs, to experiment with smart solutions, taylor made for different needs.

We react in real time, driving speed at each level of intervention, from the offer to the project sharing, through to after-sales service.


The international opening is the target of our company, the regular breath of our brand. Our sales network, already extensive, is constantly growing.
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